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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

NOTICE TO READERS: In response to recommendations resulting from the strategic planning process, the Kentucky Medical Association will discontinue publication of its monthly scientific Journal with the June 2015 issue.

The Kentucky Medical Association is the professional service organization for physicians throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It is the focal point for activities within the medical community. The Journal of the Kentucky Medical Association is published monthly for the Association’s physician members located throughout the commonwealth. The Journal features scientific articles, special articles about the Association and contemporary issues, as well as highlighting politics, legislation, socioeconomics, and news about medicine in Kentucky. Historical and philosophic articles of interest to the medical community are also occasionally featured. 

Beginning with the January 2010 issue, the Journal converted to an online-only format. 

Copyright Information

Copyright Kentucky Medical Association. Content may not be reprinted without permission of the Kentucky Medical Association. Reuse or redistribution of such content must provide proper attribution of the original source and authorship.

Special Issues

Feature Articles

Each month, the Journal publishes original scientific articles written by physicians and other health care professionals. It is the primary medium for the dissemination of original medical manuscripts in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The Journal also publishes articles on such special topics as patient safety, clinical notes on cancer, medical history, politics, insurance, economics, and personalities in the medical community.


  • President’s Page
  • Association news (new members, accomplishments of members, updates, obituaries)
  • Alliance Page
  • Book Reviews
  • Editorials
  • Letters to the Editor

Article Submission

Guidelines for Authors

To submit an article for consideration by the Journal, please contact:

Sharon Heckel
Phone: 502-426-6200
Fax: 502-426-6877

Subcription Information

Journal of the Kentucky Medical Association (ISSN 2155-661X) is published monthly by the Kentucky Medical Association, 4965 US Hwy 42, Suite 2000, Louisville, KY 40222, under the direction of the Board of Trustees.

Access to the Journal for KMA members is through the KMA website.  Subscribers will receive a PDF of each month's issue by e-mail or CD based on your preference.  When placing your order, please indicate your preferred method of delivery along with an accurate e-mail or mailing address.

Yearly Subscription Rates

  • $50 (USD)
  • Single issues $15 per PDF prepaid

Address Changes

Send address or e-mail changes to:

Journal of the Kentucky Medical Association
The KMA Building, 4965 US Hwy 42
Suite 2000, Louisville, KY 40222
Telephone: 502.426.6200
Fax: 502.426.6877

Additional Information

The Journal, its editors, and the Kentucky Medical Association do not assume responsibility for the opinions
and statements of its contributors and advertisers. The Journal reserves the right to make the final decision on all content and advertisements.

Claims for undelivered copies will not be honored beyond 6 months after the date of publication.

Stephen Z. Smith, MD

Managing Editor
Sharon A. Heckel

Assistant Editors
Garth M. Beache, MD
Esther E. Costel, MD 
William J. Crump, MD
Patrick J. Murphy, Jr, MD
Mark Newstadt, MD
David A. Casey, MD
Whitney F. Jones, MD
John Mandrola, MD

Executive Editor
Patrick T. Padgett

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